Discount Fabric True Timber Flooded Timber Camouflage Sheer Netting 03CA

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The Sheer netting camouflage is Perfect for hunting blinds and any other project that call for a light weight sheer. Shades of tan, brown, gray and black tones blend together to represent this patterns' true open terrain color. Combining cattails, different types of grass and crop with unique shadows to enhance depth, this high-resolution marshland pattern will keep you hidden in virtually any waterfowl environment. Whether you’re on wet or dry ground, this design provides exceptional concealment and effectiveness for hunting.

True Timber Flooded Timber

  • Camouflage (Brown,Tan, Gray and Black )
  • This fabric is SHEER
  • 58 inches wide
  • Light Weight
  • Stable and will not stretch
  • sold by the whole yard, all multiple purchases of whole yards will be sent continuous in one piece
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